Adventures of the Cochranes Adrift on the Sea of Life

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 “Douglas loves Gerry and Gerry loves Douglas”

That was the first page of our business plan back in the 80’s and it still works today.

They say that luck happens when opportunity meets preparation. There has to be a willingness to risk it all too. After taking many risks in business and in life we have been lucky enough to come through it together.

After raising our children, caring for our old folks, and building our businesses, we have now settled down to a simple life cruising the world in our boat, intermingled with time at home with family and friends.

We are very fortunate to share good health and the freedom to explore the world. The longer we live, the more we see how little we know. The more we learn, the more this amazing Creation unfolds before our eyes.

So come cruise along with us– or pretend to - as we share our stories with you. Cast off the lines that bind you to the shore and see what our World has to offer.

Douglas & Gerry Cochrane

M/V Orion, a Nordhavn 57 oceangoing trawler, our home


(Photo by Fred Roswold)